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Undefended divorce 865.00 including Court fees
Marshalls is Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No 332489)

Our fixed fees are 480.00 including VAT (vat is 80.00) . In addition the court charges fees of 385.00 to issue and conclude the proceedings, unless you are on a low income and are eligible for exemption from these fees.

This is a professional service and your matter will be conducted at all times by a qualified, experienced solicitor. Our fee includes advice on the legal requirements as they apply to you, the procedure and for the preparation of the required documents to complete the divorce process.

We can communicate, by telephone and email or by post as you wish.

This fee does not include advice and assistance with regards to a financial settlement, or issues relating to children, though we would pleased to assist you in relation to either or both of those matters in the usual way. With those types of matter, however, we are not able to give you a fixed fee as the cost would depend on the work involved. This can vary widely depending on what issues need to be addressed. Please telephone or email us if you would like further advice about the services which we can provide and our best estimate of the likely costs.
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